Critical Optimism in Pessimistic Times

Zeke Daystrom-Plus (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 12:25:51 PST

Ok Extropians,

Here is a challenge for you 'upbeat' folk.

Imagine a near-future world where the only access on to the internet is
through a Microsoft owned network, computer and or service. Where the
bulk of the backbone is run on NT servers. Where the only browser is a
Microsoft one. Where most of the content is filtered through Microsoft?
Sound Implausible? Well, it is already happening at an unprescendented
rate. Why should it bother you? Because Bill Gates has shown no qualms
about controlling content. Why do you think he has bought up at a
furious rate the rights to tons of artwork, history, and images? What
is moticating him to do this? If itsn't to *control* then why?

Tell me why I should have the "warm & fuzzies" about a man who seems to
be hell-bent on complete world domination? After all if he controls the
intenet he controls the future? If not, why not?

And if we should be worries about this ominous menace, what can we as
critical optimist do about it?


Zeke Daystrom

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