Re: Re: Clinton's sexual adventures...

EvMick (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 11:24:27 EST

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<< , but this man is the leader and symbol of that system, and
if it's ok for him to do that, what does it say for the validity of that
system? >>

The system is no longer valid. It's been totally corrupted.

Or as they say:

"Sure...the constitution has it's problems...but it's better than what we
have now"

I'm sure glad that I'm no longer in the military. And doubly glad that I've
managed to convince my kids and nephews NOT to have anything to do with
anything government much less military. I expect that we'll see some kind of
military adventurism to divert attention .

It would be a shame to die is a KPIP * diversionary action .


* Keep P----- In Pants.