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Fri, 23 Jan 1998 21:07:08 -0600

The First Immortal Web site is now up and running correctly. The site
<> contains a list of cryonics, nanotech and
futurism links (along with a mechanism to submit your own Web site for
reciprocal linkage), sample chapters, a poll, interview, bookseller
reviews, and last but not least, a forum called "talk with the author"
where participants may post comments about the book, cryonics, cloning,
nanotech and related topics. Next week an e-mailing will be sent out to
500,000 NetMind subscribers (not spam -- every recipient of a NetMind
e-mail has actually requested it) with the following sponsorship

Would you want to live forever? Read James Halperin's latest bestselling
novel of the future: The First Immortal, from DelRey, now at bookstores
everywhere. And watch for the Hallmark/CBS miniseries next year. Free
sample chapters, predictions, poll, and open forum on cryonics, cloning,
eugenics, nanotech, artificial intelligence, futurism:

Additionally, during media interviews over the coming weeks, I will be
giving out the URL address at every reasonable opportunity. Therefore, I
would invite all readers of this message to post all appropriate
comments, particularly those that you think might intrigue members of
the general public. Many of the postings I've seen on Cryonet and
Extropians would be appropriate to repost on the
forum. Any and all participation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you and best regards,
Jim Halperin