Re: China, the Free-Market & Freedom?

Steve Pruitt (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:51:47 -0600

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> Paul Hughes wrote:
> I started taking a course in Chineese Politics and was
> wondering what
> peoples thoughts are on the rising power of China and what
> that portends
> for the rest of the world - especially on how it will impact
> on
> extropian goals. Any thoughts?
One thing that has some people worried is China becoming a huge
consumerist nation. If the Chinese decide to adopt
a predominately meat diet and a large percentage of them decide to start
driving cars, then the impact on the environment may be a little messy.
A story I read in Business Week said an automobile-centered Chinese
society would suck up most of the world's oil, or something close to
it. I haven't put any math to it, so this is just anecdote.