Re: 1000 humans in a grain of salt

Hara Ra (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 21:41:16 -0800

Henri Kluytmans wrote:

> First lets assume that every arbitrary state of the
> human brain can be approached discretely.
> Now, every new successive state should be derivable from
> the original state and the inputs it receives during the
> interval in between. (The inputs to the brain also include
> those originating from the rest of the internal body.)
Not true. The nervous system is noisy, so successive states
are in general not causal. Of course the CNS has to eliminate
this factor.

> The question now is : how much is the total information
> input a person receives during his life. Or, on average,
> how much input does a person receive during a day.

50 gigs/day is waaay too large. Some estimates are about 1 bit/sec
of non redundant information - a CDROM can hold a lifetime at this
data rate.

Another approach is to count the number of possible brain states.
Like kinetic gas theory, the important number is the number of
identifiable states, waaay smaller than set of all possible states.

Anyone care to estimate these??

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