Re: Public Relations (and the Extropian Elite)

Eugene Leitl (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:33:49 +0300 (MSK)

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, den Otter wrote:

> > Why does it repel you? Extropy is about rational thought, so what

Certainly, for purely rational thought is a fiction. Sterile fiction, at
that. (contradictio in adjecto, even).

> > rational reason have you got against human culling, genocide or
> > general murder? Of course, you could argue that culling people is a

Why, nothing. If it happens to suit the purposes, ok, go right ahead.

> > bad idea because maybe you'll accidentally kill someone who would have
> > been useful, etc. But I'm talking about the act, what I want to know
> > is for what rational reason does this *idea* repel you?

If your firmware (I suggest an update) happens to poopoo the act, ok. Now,
browse around:

I mean, do you like it? C'mon. Can('t) you make you love/hate it? Is this
about personal freedom and/or determinism, or what? And do you really
really care?

> > I ask this not just because it's a difficult question, but because
> > Extropy has rationality at its core. Now it's possible to think of

Who says what? Who says (ratio, maybe?) I chose ratio for rational
reasons? Who says ratio does at all exist?

> > rational reasons for war, genocide, culling or anything else you care
> > to mention, but when a reason against it is called for we tend to fall
> > back on morality, ethics, and right and wrong. These IMHO are weak

You don't happen to mean 'morality', 'ethics', and 'right' and 'wrong'?
Then why don't you say just that? It's downright confusing, like.

> > arguments against raw and unrelenting rationality, so what defenses do

Raw and unrelenting, that's not the terms I'd use. I'd use 'sterile' and
'mythical' in that context.

> > we have against someone who's taken a very different slant on Extropy?
> Surely they are just *pretending* to be all nice 'n' cosy & fluffy...When the
> time comes the masks of benevolence shall be tossed aside to reveal the
> stern face of uncompromised reason. Them slick eels...

Who's pretending to be what? The hunting season for unicorns has not been
opened yet, afair.

> Seriously...Wax has a point. Why are Star Trek (or My Little Pony)
> ethics so popular with this allegedly rational crowd? It does not
> compute @:-|

You shu ain't got the full picture yet, boss. I suggest an ordered


> DdO