Conspiracy Conspiracy[was Re: Modern Technology: Out of Control?]

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:12:16 -0500

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> Now that I've been researching this more, I'm getting the idea that the
> 'out of control' meme is merely perpetrated by the corporate mind set to
> subvert people's sense of independence and capability, soon to be
> followed by the "we'll take care of you" meme of consumer slavery. "Buy
> more, you'll feel better", "procreate, you'll feel better", "consume,
> you'll feel better"....

Based on my extensive research (i.e., reading this list) I've
concluded that the "conspiracy" meme is an evil plot fomented
by a vast shadowy evil organization to completely fill the
meme space and drive out all other memes.