Re: Clone's behaviour

Joao Pedro (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 22:54:03 GMT


Prof. Gomes wrote:
>Have you already considered on observing clones' behaviour ??
>For example try to clone trainned animals... and verify wich of clones'
>psychological and intelectual characteristics are independent from the

This was briefly done with twins, testing the extension of the genes in
intelectual and psychological skills. However with clones it is much more
interesting, first because the environmental similarities between clones are
less than between true twins -- because they don't spend their time in the
womb together neither their early, sometimes even later, development.
Changing the environmental conditions would be therefore very interesting,
changing the "mother" -- the animal in which they develop in fetal states
--, changing their infancy, it would be very interesting indeed.
One more thing I'd like to point is that the environment where an animal
lives, can genetically influence its genes, it's sexual line. For example,
if an animal lives in an environment with few food, it'll create smaller
offspring also because its genes will be coded that way. Applying this to
the mind would be fascinating! For example, if a person lives in a violent
environment, its children will be likely to become violent. The question is
weather this violence comes from the environment where they're raised or if
it also comes from their genes. cloning could answer this questions.

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