Re: Eliminating Coercion

Hara Ra (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 23:12:53 -0800

David A Musick wrote:

> I don't seek to make "semi-mutual agreements" more beneficial; rather I
> seek to eliminate coercion through Intelligent Technology."

> Any ideas how to practically do this?

Coercion is actually a form of immaturity, or low EQ as some put it. It
is also ingrained into much of childrearing as a form of pedagogy. Here
is how to do it,
given what we know so far:

1. Read Alice Miller, "For Your Own Good".
2. Do a really GOOD rage workshop, one in which you feel safe
enough to experience lethal killing rage.
3. Read Stanislav Grof, "LSD Psychotherapy".
4. Learn about and practice Holotropic Breathwork (invented
by Grof)
5. Find an experienced sitter and do supervised internalized
psychedelic sessions with MDMA, LSD, Mescaline or Psilocybin.
6. Do this until you expereince what Grof calls BPM4, or at
least two successive sessions in which childhood and birth
material does not arise.

This WORKS. Coercion vanishes as a personal approach to all situations
with the possible exception of self defence. Anyone seriously interested
in doing this contact me by private email. (Oh Oh, I'm coming out!)

BTW, the ONLY way to interest others is to have done it yourself, people
seem to know this in some way... Forget laws, media, etc, etc.

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