Re: Modern Technology: Out of Control?

Hara Ra (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 08:37:51 -0800

Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Technology is impossible to control, for it would require concerted action
> of a large, heterogenous agent population (the probabilistic argument).
> Also, a subpopulation treading the hitech path tends to have higher
> fitness (military prowess, can better memefect due to its better media).
> On the short to medium run technology promises excellent ROI. (Of course,
> on the long run technology can be terminal to Life As We Know It).

> Government has got very few handles on the issue. Thanks god.

Buckminster Fuller used to talk about a rebel zone, a place where the
restrictive laws and gummint didn't apply. These days there isn't a
place physically, but the technical edge is like that. It takes a
minimum of 5 years for a gummint to discover what's happening with new
stuff and attempt to shut it down. Stay on the edge, and be free.....

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