Re: Modern Technology: Out of Control?

Eugene Leitl (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:05:48 +0300 (MSK)

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Weslake, Brad BG wrote:

> [...]
> Why do you think the image of modern technology being 'out of
> control' has such a strong appeal? In what ways does technology appear

Probably because that's true, that's why. (Moreover, 'out of control' is
such a vague term that you can lump a gadzillion issues under this
label. If you think of it, a lot of things are 'out of control'. My
shoelaces, for example).

> difficult to control? For some of the problems you identify, explore

Technology is impossible to control, for it would require concerted action
of a large, heterogenous agent population (the probabilistic argument).
Also, a subpopulation treading the hitech path tends to have higher
fitness (military prowess, can better memefect due to its better media).
On the short to medium run technology promises excellent ROI. (Of course,
on the long run technology can be terminal to Life As We Know It).

In other words, technology is good.

> their implications for government policy-makers. Provide examples for

Government has got very few handles on the issue. Thanks god.

> your arguments.
> My reasons for soliciting responses on this list are obviously focused
> around a desire for high grades, but I am also very interested in any of
> your opinions on the issue. I will not quote anyone without their
> explicit approval.