Modern Technology: Out of Control?

Weslake, Brad BG (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:01:41 +1100


I've been lurking on the list for about 4 months and have found the
discussion to be of consistently high value. I have been set, as part of
a Science and Technology Studies subject at Wollongong University
<>, the essay question which follows - and my first
thought was that it is perfectly suited to this list. I would really
appreciate any links, book references, or discussion which might help me
to promote Extropian ideas through my response. The question is:

Why do you think the image of modern technology being 'out of
control' has such a strong appeal? In what ways does technology appear
difficult to control? For some of the problems you identify, explore
their implications for government policy-makers. Provide examples for
your arguments.

My reasons for soliciting responses on this list are obviously focused
around a desire for high grades, but I am also very interested in any of
your opinions on the issue. I will not quote anyone without their
explicit approval.



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