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Yak Wax (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 09:28:51 -0800 (PST)

John K Clark <> wrote:

> I want to join the chorus of praise I've been hearing for Jim
> Halperin's new novel "The First Immortal", if it becomes a
> best seller it could end up changing the world as much as
> "Uncle Tom's Cabin" or "The Origin of Species. The great
> thing is that he describes achieving physical immortality in
> the near future but rebels against the stale convention of
> crying copious tears over how dreadful a world without death
> would be. Halperin will probably take some flack from death
> worshipers for not sprinkling in stuff about Man meddling in
> God's domain and other pious platitudes throughout his book,
> it seems to be the custom when discussing such matters, but
> Jim is just too original for that and he refuses to pander to the
> superstitions of the masses. This is an important book and I
> highly recommend it.

Something (I think) you recently said inspired me to start scribbling
down ideas for a potential screenplay/novel, it was something along
the lines of you not caring if god does exist because he'd still be a
manipulative authority that you have no respect for. This gave me an
idea - what if all these bible prophecies were true and our creator is
going to come down in the next millennium and wreak havoc on anyone
who hasn't lived their lives according to his word. We'd have a fight
on our hands, and a big sci-fi summer-release movie style fight at
that. So hands up anyone who wants to try and sell a movie about
humanities war against God! Not likely, might stand a chance as a
novel though.

I love being controversial.


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