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EvMick wrote:

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> << So, what is the REAL function of gummint monsters?? Really..
> >>
> A fellow name of Howard Bloom <i think> has a considerable amount to say on
> that subject in his book "The Lucifer Principal".
> To quickly and perhaps grossly summarize <with attendant loss of accuracy> I
> beleive that Mr. Bloom is saying that governments...or "superorganisms" as he
> calls them.....are then next step up on the "memetic" food chain. They are to
> people what people are to cells...
> And they don't give a damn what we think...

Right on. Now, using this analogy to plan strategy, since lawyers could be
considered to be the nervous cells of the memetic organism, we need to focus our
memetic attacks on lawyers (and, given the already high level of memes that attack
lawyers, they seem to be rather rugged buggers). How about:

1) studies showing the lower life expectancy of lawyers over other similarly
educated professionals.
2) studies of the level of law breaking amongst lawyers
2.5) studies of lower sexual prowess among lawyers....
3) a political action group called: "Hang the Lawyers" that seeks to ban lawyers
from holding political office.

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