Re: We luv the guv't

Hara Ra (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 14:51:59 -0800

Charlie Stross wrote:

> > So why preach to the choir? I can't think of a single extropian who has
> > any love for the government. IMHO being anti gov't is just another
> > entropic hole anyway.

> Seriously, though. If you look at things from the perspective of social
> darwinism, an argument can be made that Government -- as a concept --
> must have been, if not beneficial, then at least a functiona, rugged,
> and competitive concept at some time in the past. Otherwise it wouldn't
> be so ubiquitous today.

Yes, and what this advantage is is not really clear. As with many
objectionable things, there are reasons for their existence, and until
these reasons are known, it is not possible to design better

So far, I haven't heard much on this that makes much sense. The
Extropian knee-jerk libertarian and privatization notions just don't
quite cut it for me, and I admit I am a bit unclear as to why. I could
post a list of annoying questions, and expect that I would get lots of
references to the anarchic and libertarian press, but AFAIK, these ideas
don't seem to be very popular, and seem even harder to implement. I
suspect this difficulty lies in other areas than libertarianism or the
free market. My tendency is to think in terms of depth psychology, but
that too has its problems.

So, what is the REAL function of gummint monsters?? Really..

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