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Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:44:10 EST

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<< : How about posting news of what sort of stuff may reall be going on that
: the government and the media refuse to tell us. Its extropian in the
: libertarian sense that we must take responsibility for keeping ourselves
: informed of liberty related events, outside of government power monopoly
: channels. >>


here's a good link

<A HREF="">The Enterprise Mission</A>

it has a lot of coverups and conspiracies, mostly with things like the
pyramids on mars and some other things. Some of it seems bogus, as they're
obviously speculating and using some imagination, but i think that there is
really a pyramid on mars, and with that, probably a lot of other things.

here's something else that talks about the pyramid
<A HREF="">The D&M Pyramid</A>