Re: conspiracy dumps

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 08:22:21 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> : How about posting news of what sort of stuff may reall be going on that
> : the government and the media refuse to tell us. Its extropian in the
> : libertarian sense that we must take responsibility for keeping ourselves
> : informed of liberty related events, outside of government power monopoly
> : channels.
> Yeah but Ron Brown?? What action should I be inspired to take if I get
> absolute proof that Ron Brown was murdered -- beyond the obvious, which
> I'm already doing, i.e. "Don't accept a job in a corrupt administration"?

What I find so troubling is that an office so far away from the power centers, that
is supposedly under the aegis of the Inspector General (which, constitutionally, is
the watcher of the watchers), could hide such an implication, as well as cover up
the coverup, and conduct a vandetta against people in their organization who still
beleive in public oversight. That Ron Brown may have been murdered is not in my
opinion, the important thing. I do, however, think that there is an important
national security possibility here: That the administration could be covering this
up, becuase he might have been killed by the serbs, in order to prevent public
sentiment to come down in favor of a more vietnam-like involvement in Bosnia. If
this is the case, what they are doing could be laudable, but even then, I would say
that they still have handled things badly, as they have not gotten all involved
parties vetted and sworn to secrecy over this matter. Yeah, Im damning them if they
did and if they didn't, so what, its the incompetence that counts.

> And then here's a denunciation of the World Bank. How exciting not.
> Does any libertarian not already want to abolish it?
> If I want to get these reports, I can jolly well read A-Albionic's website.

So True.