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Weslake, Brad BG (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:03:24 +1100

Just to clarify my thoughts.

Does the many universe theory state that all possible other combination
of events in our universe exist as physically real universes themselves?
This leaves two scenarios, although my use of the time concept outside
of our own universe may be limiting.

1. At every instant of time where I make a decision, for instance, there
are many (infinite?) universes splitting away from our own, the creation
of the various other possible actions.

2. These many (infinite?) possible universes already exist, but my
subjective experience is limited to one.

These concepts fascinate me: maybe consciousness can be defined as a
force which freewheels between universes along a path of it's own


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> Damien B quotes David Deutsch:
> > `You may be wondering how we can persuade our counterparts in
> 10^500-odd
> > universes to start working on our factorization task. Will they not
> have
> > their own agendas for the use of their computers? No... Shor's
> algorrithm
> > operates initially only on a set of universes that are *identical*
> to one
> > another, and it causes them to become differentiated only within the
> > confines of the factorization engine. ... There are, no doubt, many
> other
> > universes in which we programmed different numbers or never built
> the
> > factorization engine at all. But those universe differ from ours in
> too
> > many variables - or more precisely, in variables that are not made
> to
> > interact in the right way by the programming of Shor's algorithm -
> and so
> > do not interfere with our universe.'
> >
> > Is that the sort of issue you were thinking about, Mitch?
> I'd like to know what it means for one universe to "interfere with"
> another.
> -mitch