Re: the finger of blame

Erik Moeller (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 20:36:22 +0100

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> You said that the power structures remain after the state is REMOVED.
> Was the Vietnam War run in the ABSENCE of a powerful government?
> Did Nixon turn to crime to protect his PRIVATE power-base?
> Did Bush start the Gulf War while he was OUT of office?

Do you ask me for evidence for something economically impossible? It's
you who has to prove either by history (which should be possible) or by
economic facts
that the removal of governments will lead to the free market you imagine. You
never post
sources, you never quote statistics -- you don't need this because your belief
is good
enough. It's time to get real, kiddo. And please, stop using caps.

> > [...] People in the Middle Ages (another fine Free Market) [...]

> Idiot.

Thanks. I can't get enough of these insults. Give me more, I'll make a book of
them. "Extropian Reasoning".

> >No, I won't. Give me a rational explanation.

> The state, as a quasi-living self-perpetuating entity, repeats the
> behaviors that tend to increase its power, irrespective of whether
> such behaviors are good for the society that it nominally serves.
> One such behavior is war-making. (As I said before.)

Eurofighter increases no one's power. Vietnam War didn't increase US gov's
power, actually it caused a lot of havoc there (but not as much as where it
happened). WW II was nominally supposed to increase Hitler's power, but it was
obvious that he stood no chance against the US & the Soviets. Had they wanted
to, the US could have quit the war right after it started, the Holocaust would
never have happened. But they remained rather speechless until the Soviet
Union was in ruins.

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