Re: Recursive Crap

Max M (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 20:55:13 +0100

John K Clark wrote:

> Max M <> apparently thought that a post somebody sent to the
> list was long, boring, pointless, uninformative, and off topic:

> His complaint has some validity, but he didn't sent his objection to the only
> person who could prevent a reoccurrence, the person who posted it, he sen it
> to the entire list. But much worse, he then quotes every word, EVERY SINGLE
> WORD, of the long, boring, pointless, uninformative, and off topic post.
> I hope I will be forgiven for not quoting the quotation in this post.

I stand corrected with head bowed. You are right. Furthermore I
shouldn't have used profound language. I usually never do, and it
doesn't help at all. I just got so annoyed that half the list was filled
with unrelated.... stuff.

In my defence I must say that I was trying to send it to the posters.
But I have only been using computers for a limited period of time (18
years) so naturally i made a beginners mistake and sent it to the return
adress at Twice!

It shall never happen again, and now I will go to my room.

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