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I'd like to begin some discussion re- life enhancing/extending
notions I use which are not very exotic to me but likely not used by

I have always been a health info. hound and over the years have found
a few good items.

2 years ago when my wife began to suffer from multiple sclerosis
I renewed my search for items my doctor would approve of but which
our medicare and medical system in Canada would not allow Rx for...
capitated/rationed/muzzeled/cost-benefit contained medicine.

Anyway before You all go to sleep/delete this item here's the
good stuff.

I have been using the immune modulant levamisole since 1976.
1976-1995 quite irregularly 185 mg per dose usually once per month.
1995-97 once per week. 1997 till today 150 mg every saturday and

I buy the compound in a form identical to the human Rx as a powder
used worldwide to worm all kinds of livestock and also children
in 3rd world countries. The Rx form from your physician is 75-120 X
as costly so I will continue this access method as gross as it may

What does Levamisole do? It finds utility in human medicine as
a treatment which enhances destruction of metasteses in melanoma.
NIH currently is funding a study to confirm it can be used as a life-
long chemopreventative agent.

This is a medication which has been in common usage for 30 years
which may in another 20 become as common as vitamin C.

Bye for now