Re: dimensions

Brichero, Robert, HMR/GB (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:01:00 +0100

<< danny <calyk@aol> writes
>and the product of a point and a point is a line

No, it is a point!

>if a point isnt a dimension and a line is, what is a point?
>i very much think that a point is a dimension. dimensions dont start
with a
>line, they start with a point i think, or maybe something else.

Anders Sandberg has clarified this as a misunderstanding of
>Just a small terminology nitpick: a point or a line isn't a
>dimension. They have a dimension, but they are not themselves
>dimensions. A dimension is just a measure of how many "degrees of
>freedom" a certain space has, not the space itself (or a good example
>of such a n-dimensional space, like a line).

Exactly - and as a point has 0 degrees of freedom, it needs 0 dimensions
to describe. (but n to describe _where_ it is... )

So you don't need to count "the 0 dimension" when counting dimensions.

Robert Bricheno