Re: your relentless inundation is not welcome

James Daugherty (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 07:22:07 -0500

Ok....taking this (below) and other complaints into account, I will from now on
post only my analysis of why various conspiracy theories are important
to Extropians and then provide a link for details!

I must admit I temp forgot about the desire for brevity on this list...many
have opposite preference. Personally, I hate links which slow me down
in scanning for important info.....but then I have several gigs clear on my
hard disk and do not pay for on-line time. Why does anyone still pay for
on line time?

|James, just adding my voice to the other extropian list members who wish
|you'd kindly stop relaying this material at such great length to the list.
|Some people pay for their net time, and receiving multiple 30-pages
|downloads of unwanted text is extremely irritating.
|*Please stop doing it*, unless individuals ask you to send stuff to them
|Damien Broderick

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