ANNOUNCEMENT: >Htech: transhumantech list -- please distribute widely

Eugene Leitl (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:45:04 +0300 (MSK)

It seems that many have missed the first, admittedly somewhat informal
announcement -- hence this repost.

The list is currently not being moderated, but will be as soon as traffic
goes up in volume. Slowly, but surely >Htech related forwards to the >H
list and extropians will cease. As an experiment, we will be
investigating distributed moderation of (subscriber-submitted) content --
the truly smart web crawlers. As a side effect, this nicely takes care of

This is _not_ about further transhumanist balcanization, but should be
seen as an attempt to further contribute to the diversity of information
channels, to better fit your personal needs. Hopefully.

Contributions are solicited.


Mailing List

This list is dedicated to the logical
discussion of technologies of
interest to transhumanists.

1. An Introduction to

Transhumanism is the idea of
extending the biological object
human through the use of
high-level technology or other
rational means. The Transhuman
is supposed to have a superior
body and/or mind. Research in
Transhumanism covers
technologies like cryonics,
neurosciences, artificial
intelligence, genetic engineering,
nanotechnology, drugs and life

All these technologies are complex
and there are lots of books about
each one. Many of them promise
impressive progress in the future
and maybe the Transcension of
humankind. Transcension is no
esoterical new age expression, it
simply means the creation of
Posthumans. People who want to
further this goal and / or to become
Transhuman in the future may call
themselves Transhumanists.

2. What is Homo Excelsior?

Homo Excelsior is a magazine that
is released on the web, as an
ASCII file and as a compressed
archive of the web version. It
covers all topics of interest to
Transhumanists, including book
references, internet addresses and
original articles. Its major goal is to
further the Transcension, to outline
dangers and possibilities and to
show implications on society and
power structures.

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