Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:54:35 -0500 (EST)

Hello, sorry it took so long to respond. First of all our live online auction site, wildauction.com, is up and running.
However, we are currently in our final phase of testing. It is open for business but we have done no advertising and our
first email list won't go out until this weekend (After the USA today story about it). If you can keep hush hush about it
check it out at http://www.wildauction.com . Please note, due to our new SSL features some users (In particular AOL and
IE3.x Users), Will have to use the unsecure registration. As a bonus to our first customers we are offering free shipping.
You asked about what makes us different from the competition. That's easy!

No minimum bids!
No Reserve prices!
On a dedicated T3!
Secure registration!
Loaded with computer products!

Again, the password protections have been removed so check it out. You might even get a pentium 233MMX for
around 40 bucks. (there aren't that many bidders yet :)