RE: European countries say no to human cloning

Michael J. C. Gorecki (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 09:05:34 -0600

IMHO, cloning in and of itself is not bad, what has to be considered is
what you do with the clone afterwards. If you clone a Sheep, Dog or a
Human, what do you do then, just chop it up for food or parts? The party
involved should have a Parent's responsibility for that new organism. If I
had a clone made of myself, and of course it would not grow to full size
for many years, I would want to bring it up as a full person, not just a
"body bag of parts". People seem to attach to much _religious_ topics to
it, and not enough _natural_ topics.

Whether it is Cloning, Abortion or Genetics/Eugenics, you would think
people would apply parenting to the problem first. If you are stopping an
organism from becoming fully alive, changing it's genetic life or even
creating a new life, it is still deserves a modicum of respect. It just
seems that the news blows it up as a threat to society?

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Fortunately enough, the mundanes understand effects of
only few technologies that directly relate to their
world (I do not expect any government to pass a ban
on certain classes of QM theories, for example).
Also, they ban the work when it mostly done, and
is just about to produce a "scary" effect.
Even with these restrictions, they still work on
biotech, crypto, etc., because they produce things
the mundanes and their governments actually need now;
this both creates a foundation for transformations
of extropian interest, and raises the level of public
acceptance (I find the levels of synthetic supplements
consumption among regular athletes and New Age folk
just amazing).
And then, at some point, there will be more ways to
hide interesting research from the government, and
people may have increased interest in it - if now
millions of people risk severe punishment for using
chemicals to build muscles or get high, just imagine
what they'd do for dramatic health improvement and
life extent ion.

Meanwhile - could somebody build a cloning facility
outside the "civilized" countries?

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