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Wed, 14 Jan 1998 00:24:59 EST

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<< At one time 26 dimensions were in vogue, but now the most popular
Theory postulates that all "elementary" particles are made up of one
dimensional strings that vibrate in 10 dimensions of space-time, 9 of space
and 1 of time. The reason we don't notice the other 6 spatial dimensions in
everyday life is that they are curled up so tightly that they only become
significant when you approach the Plank Length of 10^-33 cm. Not much
experimental evidence for this idea yet, but it's really just a work in

Michio Kaku wrote a book called Hyperspace thats about the 10 dimensions, i
havent read it yet though, altho ive heard an interview with him. Im
wondering, do the 10 dimensions include the 0 dimension, making 11 total?
(0-point, 1-line, 2-plane, 3-d etc..)