Re: European countries say no to human cloning

Technotranscendence (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:19:55 -0500 (EST)

At 06:05 PM 1/13/98 -0500, Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko
<> wrote:
>Fortunately enough, the mundanes understand effects of
>only few technologies that directly relate to their
>world (I do not expect any government to pass a ban
>on certain classes of QM theories, for example).

True enough, though I think that regular folk can be
persuaded to our cause given enough effort and time.

I would much rather have begun human cloning on
the sly and present the world with a fait accompli or
a million cloned faits accompli!:)

>Also, they ban the work when it mostly done, and
>is just about to produce a "scary" effect.
> Even with these restrictions, they still work on
>biotech, crypto, etc., because they produce things
>the mundanes and their governments actually need now;
>this both creates a foundation for transformations
>of extropian interest, and raises the level of public
>acceptance (I find the levels of synthetic supplements
>consumption among regular athletes and New Age folk
>just amazing).
> And then, at some point, there will be more ways to
>hide interesting research from the government, and
>people may have increased interest in it - if now
>millions of people risk severe punishment for using
>chemicals to build muscles or get high, just imagine
>what they'd do for dramatic health improvement and
>life extent ion.

If sold to people the right way, most will accept it if
not greet it with open arms.

>Meanwhile - could somebody build a cloning facility
>outside the "civilized" countries?

I think this involves making the process as simple
as possible and spreading the information. When
it gets down to any old doctor having the skills to
do it, it'll be like abortions were earlier this century
-- dangerous, illegal, yet ubiquitous.


Daniel Ust