Re: God (ABOU NOZICK's..)

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Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:15:57

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>Philosopher Nozick mentions the following argument in one of his
>books (Philosophical Explanations 1981): There are infinitely many
>ways for there to be something, but only one way for there to be
>nothing. Therefore, assuming each way is equally probable, the
>probability that there is something equals 1.
>Nick Bostrom
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I would like to comment the following about Mr. Nozick's affirmation:

First: an infinite set of *discrete* events, can never be equiprobable,
since sum(p)=1. So any individual p=1/n >>> when n=oo...p=0...and
sum(p)=0... (obvious contradiction...)

Second: If we consider (continuous) probability distribuction function
(p.d.f.'s) modelling,
any individual point has correspondent probability zero... non-zero prob's
arises just for intervals... So, Mr. Nozick's, maybe involuntarily, also
affirmed :

The ways for there to be something are not just infinite but also
CONTINUOUS... (or it denies quantum theory...or a quantum universe would be
just a subset of the whole complete universe ??? >>> it is better not
taking philosophical wanders very seriously... :-) )

Last: Since the probability that there is _nothing_ is zero, a question
arises>> nothing: exists or not ??? ( I always laugh a lot with certain
philosophical questions... just based on NOZICK's affirmative, such
question has no sense... )

FMHPV ( from my humble point of view...)