Carnitine (Was: Re: Supplements and personality features)

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Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:14:47 +0100

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I wrote:
> >I would recommend carnitine (levocarnitine/ l-carnitine) for a safe
> >and effective increase in assertiveness/agression. As a bonus it makes
> >your muscles firm without any exercise.
> ????? I looked this up in a few books to be sure--l-carnitine plays
> a significant role in weight reduction as an anticatabolic
> substance, but it sure won't add any muscle mass. Nor are there any
> claims that it will alter your personality in any way, although it
> will increase your energy levels, and energy levels do provide a
> basis for exhibiting a higher level of assertiveness.

Anders Sandberg <> added:

> Like most of the substances discussed here the placebo effect plays a
> huge role. I suppose that if you eat something that gives you more
> energy, think it will have beneficial effects you will become more
> assertive.
> Still, it has some interesting effects in the nervous system. It seems
> to provide a bit of protection against damage (the neurons have enough
> extra energy to cope), and in rats it promotes the formation of more
> (but smaller) synapses.


"In lab studies ALC (Acetyl L-Carnitine) dramatically
improved testosterone levels in rats that were exposed
to physical stress.Typically, after a workout, your testosterone
levels plummet and you experience a spike in cortisol
production. New research shows that in addition to
eliminating the stress induced drop in testosterone,
ALC actually reduces cortisol levels as well.

Even if ALC can't make you balloon up to 375 lb,
there's undeniable evidence that it does positively
affects testosterone levels--a condition which may lead
to improved muscle growth.

On page 156 of Febuary 1997 issue of MM2K you
can read all about ALC's bodybuilding applications in
Michael Mooney's "Medibolics" column. Mooney
recommends 2000 mg a day as an effective dose for a

Ok, this is a commercial site, so the effects might be
exaggerated a bit, but it seems to match my personal
experiences. The increase in testosterone would explain
the "agressive (pumped-up) feeling" and the increased mucle
firmness you get when taking larger amounts (4-8 300 mg pills
dayly in my case) of carnitine. It "brings out the male in you",
so to speak. Also, fat seems to melt away and turn into muscle
(I gained approx 3 kilos since I began using the carnitine). As soon
as I stop using it the muscles loose their firmness, and the fat
comes back. Surely, this is more than just placebo effect.
Note: I have been prescribed carnitine on an experimental basis to
reduce (chronical) fatigue, memory- and concentration problems
and unexplained (dramatic) weight loss. It has indeed helped to
reduce these problems, but as a sort of bonus it also increased
muscle firmness/mass and general assertiveness (although the
results may vary day by day). Nobody told me I could expect these
last two effects, so it can't be a case of "expectation foils perception".
Anyway, I have been using the stuff for three months or so without
any *negative* side-effects. I warmly recommend it to anyone who
wants to improve his general condition. Of course results may vary,
but it won't hurt to try.

The indications for Carnitene TM, from Sigma Tau (R) - Italy
--fast deterioration of muscle function
--problems with the central nervous system
--the build-up of fat in muscle tissues or other tissues