Re: European countries say no to human cloning

Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 16:13:34

At 21:38 12/01/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Max More wrote:
>>To an Extropian, this news is scary stuff. Note what Chirac says: he's not
>>just working on an international ban on human cloning, but on any genetic
>>alterations to human beings. Goodbye one path to posthumanity!
>>If the British are the only country to resist, maybe I'll have to move
>>back. [Natasha--want to live in London?]
> I think that the ban can be directly linked to the large amount of
>media attention that has been brought to the breakthroughs in cloning.
>Imagine, for instance, if Richard Seed and the ones who effectively cloned
>Dolly (their names escape me right now) had kept their developments and
>intentions away from the media; I think it is safe to say that there would
>be no bans...because it would not have been propagated. It is because of
>Seed's (and his predecessors') desire for media coverage that the potential
>uses of cloning have been deemed "illegal" by the aforementioned countries.
> Hopefully the creators of effective nanotechnology and other progressive
>breakthroughs will have a little bit more discretion when announcing their
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I conclude, basically the following about this:

1. The propagation would never be the problem if people were more
intelligent and instructed... In other words , "plebes" still has to be
trated with "bread, circus" and... no serious information, so they do not
give their idiot opinion!! ( and, worse, votes in a democracy...or better:
"demagoguerycracy") Even Jesus said: "Do not give your pearls to pigs !!
They will pass over them and hurt you after that..." (obs: I'm not
religious anyway... just an aprovement of a philosophical local idea...)

2. I include the midia in such lack of intelligence since they do not
divulge the good aspects of clonning... just
the neurotical possible uses of some crazy fegs, which (the uses) sell more
newspapers or tv audience level points to the laic people (majority).

Although we try to do what is possible >>> mankind is not yet prepaired to
such evolution >>> they first have to clean out the spider-weds and
*clonned phantoms* from their minds...