ESTACADO66: Re, Re, the gods are all here

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 23:10:48 -0800

Me, quoted by you:
PS, Second Try: DO I have your permission to post that email you sent me to
>this list?>>

>I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Please inform.

OK. Here goes. See below.

In a thread then titled Re: Re: Extropian gods, ESTACADO66 wrote:

> Of course, "God"(omnipotent,omnipresent) is philosophically impossible.
>Any use of language to try to "explain" this myth will wind up in an orgy
>of stolen concepts so you'll just have to sit there and bliss out--or
>you people do.

SO I replied:

>Oh, "we people" are doing fine without you. Why don't you toss your Zon
books, declare your independence/transcendence >of slavish adherence to a
tunnel view, and leave us to rot in our own way--all of which you told me
you'd do?


>Do I have your permission to post your letter to me on this matter to the

So I ask for the third time: may I post what you wrote to me privately?

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