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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 22:16:48 +0000

> From: Max M <>

> David A Musick wrote:
> > I have no problem with people ignoring theories involving God, but I view
> > *rejecting* those theories as flawed thinking. Denying something without
> > evidence or reason is just as bad as asserting something without evidence
> > or reason.
> The claim that a god exists has as much scientific proof as the claims
> that there exists Dragons, unicorns, witches, magicians, sireens etc.

Um, minor objection: there is absolute proof that witches exist.

Of course, the witches don't claim that the common
Christian-propaganda-against-nonChristian image of witches bears any
relation to real witches; for that matter, not even many Christians
make such a ridiculous claim.

(Although a lot of witches *do* have fun with that parody.)

> That a lot of people believes something, and has been believing it for a
> long time, doesn't make it the truth.
> Why do those of us that doesn't believe in a gods existence, have to
> prove that he doesn't exsist? The evidence is such that a case held in
> any western court would rule that god doesn't exist.

Sorry, but you are quite mistaken on the latter claim.

First, quite a few western courts are obligated by law to acknowledge
the existence of some specific God; and quite a few others are
legally bound against taking a position on the subject.

Second, I can't think of a sort of court case where a blanket
judgement against the existence of any god would be appropriate.

> People who makes a claim holds the burden of proof.

Isn't "there is no god" a claim?

"I am not aware of any evidence of a god and I don't see any
particular need for one" -- the agnostic position -- is merely an
observation. But it does NOT assert that there is no god.

> Why doesn't this
> work for religion, only for everything else?

burden of proof. That would include the evangelical theists, the
evangelical atheists, and the evangelical agnostic (I have never
encountered one of the latter - it seems a truly odd position to me).
But it would not include the non-evangelical theist or the
non-evangelical atheist.

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