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> >Harvey Newstrom wrote:
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> >But then you have your leftist tree hugging ecofreaks who a) look at
> >technological
> >progress as the death of the environment, and b) look with distain on an
> >increased
> >ability of people to reproduce, since they all are still owned by the
> >malthusian
> >meme, and c) look at the idea of cloning as being a threat to individual
> >rights.
> Whoops, I stand corrected! I don't know how I missed this, but yes there
> is a major movement on the Left, through Environmentalism et. al., to fight
> against technology. Now I see why "Religious Right" and "Luddite Left" fit
> together so well. As with most things, the Truth(TM) is somewhere
> inbetween.

Just take a look at Jeremy Rifkin's work for a fine example of left
Luddism that would soon see us surpassed in technology by the Amish.

(And probably in population as well.)

I remember, when cold fusion was hot news, reading a long article in
the local paper explaining why Mr. Rifkin thought it would be

A major reason (as represented in that article): it would allow us to
strip-mine so much more land for coal.

Think about that for a while. See how many different ways the
argument is simply ludicrous.
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