Left & Right Wings of Tyranny

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 22:58:58 -0500

EvMick (EvMick@aol.com) wrote:

>In a message dated 98-01-10 12:39:02 EST, you write:
>> IAN: And influenced by the "Luddite left."
> I like that.
> Luddite left...Relegious Right...a fine pair.

IAN: Tag-team tyranny.

With a
Luddite Left Wing & a
Religious Right Wing
The Vulture of Doom
Castes its shadow
Of darkness upon
The future of
All People.

Down it swoops
To feast upon the
Rotting carcass of
Fear of the unknown,
Fear of the new, fear
Of change and also upon
The slowly dying dreams
Of all those bold yet
Poor souls who fall
Under its shadow
Of darkness.

Resist this beast
Lest you become
Its next feast.

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