Re: Re: Shameless Neotech plugs

Estacado66 (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 22:27:29 EST

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<<Once or twice was fine, but these endless "neo-tech" plugs are getting
*very old*.>>

If I got one red cent from your investigation of Neo-Tech I suppose
you could call it a plug. However, I don't. When I mention Neo-Tech
it is usually because it is very pertinent to the debate at hand.
Neo-Tech is a very large body of thought completely different to
what most of you have been exposed to in the past. Therefore it is
easier for me to reference it than to explain it.
As I see it, Neo-Tech could be the plutonium in the engine of
Extropian goals(nanotechnology, biological immortality, etc.) but
if it bothers you that much I suppose that I will keep it to myself.