Re: Supplements and personality features

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 16:51:50 -0500

At 22:20 01/10/98 -0800, Hara Ra wrote:
>GHB and 1/2 tablet of Ritalin makes for a pretty social party animal.
>Definitely increases sociablity, assertiveness sans the negative aspects
>of ethanol.
Why don't they prohibit alcohol and promote GHB then... The still better
effects of GHB, IMO, are that next morning you feel more energetic
(due to extra GH secretion) and more optimistic (dopamin release) - the
"positive ideation" together with energy allows you to do more and better.
The effect may last for a day, though, so you'd have to take GHB regularly
to sustain it (not such a bad idea[?]). Fortunately, the *memory* of the effect
lasts much longer. If you have various experiences of what your personality
features might be, you start liking some of them, and even identifying with
them - and that's a long-term effect.

Don't know what Ritalin does...

There seem to be many other chemicals that enhance various personality
traits. Steroids make one more aggressive; psychedelics give appreciation
of sensory perception and artistic skills; Ecstasy dwarfs GHB's empathic
effects, heightens one's feeling of touch, and the next day inhibits your
respect to both internal and social restrictions - good acting-out aid to
a beginning libertarian ;-) And so on.
Many of these things are risky for health though, or have other side-effects
(such as decreasing cognitive functions).
Risks have always accompanied exploration. In this case though, most
of the population tries to attain effects I personally don't value - like building
gigantic muscles or getting stoned at any cost to health and brain function;
the information about use of any combinations of substances for personal
growth is scarce and unreliable. I assume that mild doses of steroids
may increase one's strength of character and be worth the side effects for
at least some people; you can find suggestions to supplement mescalin
with DMAE to get the perceptual effects without the loss of cognitive function,
etc. Some of these things may have only positive effects; others are worth
the mild side-effects, at least for some people; most substances and their
combinations should be avoided by everybody.
I do not really want to conduct experiments on myself - but I thought
somebody on the list could know something...

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