LDS plan of damnation?

Brent Allsop (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 15:38:58 -0700

Estacado66 <> replied:

> Because until the concept of "God" is eradicated from this planet
> entropy will continue to be a problem. To make it simple: belief in
> "God"=pain,suffering, and death. That's why *I* get emotional about
> the subject.


They all claim it's "God's plan of salvation" but it's not
salvation at all! It's damnation. Let's stop justifying and
accepting "pain,suffering, and death" and starting hopping, and
striving as if, it can all be completely overcome.

David A Musick <> continued:

> I don't understand why "God" equals pain, suffering and death.
> Please explain.

Because, to me, if there was really a good God, he should help
us in our effort to irradicate "pain, suffering, and death". Since
there is apparently no being doing much about this, to me, God must
then equal pain,suffering, death..." If you believe in God, then you
are forced to theodicize and justify such evil. It is much more
moral, to me, to try to overcome than to try to justify.

Rick Rossi <> commented:

> On this subject one cannot say much either way, other than no one
> really knows. Atheists make the same mistake the religious do; no
> data.

I, an atheist, admit that I don't know for sure. It is only a
hypothesis that there is no God. But, I do have a hope that there is
no God. Many theists also think that they merely have a hope that
there is a God and similarly admit that they don't know for sure. The
mistake is in the fact that God=pain, suffering, death..., therefore
it cannot, by definition, be a hope that there is a God, but can only
be giving up in despair that the more damnable hypothesis is the one
that is really true.

Michael Lorrey <> continued:

> The concept of God a) in the christian meme primarily represents
> eternal, unconditional love, except in those sub-sects that focus on
> the fire and brimstone, which just shows that they don't get it

To me this is a lie, since we experience pain, suffering,
death... Unless you try do something like theodicize by defining
"unconditional love" to be when someone causes or allows "pain,
suffering, death..." to those they unconditionally love. To me the
fruits are obvious since I know of no real christian sect that
preaches of any kind of "unconditional love". I prefer to hope that
"unconditional love" is something much better than this.

Brent Allsop