Re: Extropian smileys

Anders Sandberg (
11 Jan 1998 21:54:01 +0100

Michael Lorrey <> writes:

> > What is the ASCII code number for the symbol that looks like a spiral
> > galaxy???
> Answered my own question, at least partly
> This is ansi#0167, which you can type by Alt+0167
> So: :-) is a galaxy brain

Well, you should be careful about eight-bit character codes. They do
not transmit well on the net, and can be displayed in the most amazing
ways on different computers. The above smiley seems to be a smiling
face with '10' written on the forehead (an upload smiley?).

One might hope for Unicode to solve the problems, but I doubt it.

> and: :-) is merely a jupiter brain, or saturn brain

I get the "not equals" sign, somebody with a removed brain? :-)

> and if you win an argument: :- is "I told you so"

This was fairly good, the character becomes a thick stroke, like a big
mouth saying something serious.

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