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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 15:02:36 EST

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<<Estacado wrote:

"until the concept of 'God' is eradicated from this

Eradicate? How? (Sieg Hiel!)>>

If you read _Mein Kampf_ you'll see that Hitler's entire philosophy as
well as his power depended on the German people's belief in a "God".
This is completely opposite to where I'm coming from. It's quite
sickening to me that you use the destroyed lives of millions of
people in your false ad hominem attack of my argument.

<<Attempts to eradicate the God meme would only help it
spread and proliferate. Even if you could eradicate
it, children would re-invent it. Are you proposing

We will just have to learn to coexist with it.
Lighten up.>>

No. Each individual must take it upon himself to eradicate mysticism
from his mind.

<<I'm sorry if you have been personally injured by
people inspired by some form of the God meme. I feel
your pain. Does that help?>>

Give me a fuckin' break.

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