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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 14:24:41 EST

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<<The real question is: Why is there something, instead of nothing?

I don't think that question has been answered satisfactorily yet. My
answer is that "nothing" doesn't exist, so "something" is the only other
option. But that is just playing with words and doesn't really answer
the question. Why does anything exist? >>

Governments and religions play to the fear inherent in your tendency
to ask this question in order to control you. Their "answers to life" sound
good but essentially they are a hodge-podge of stolen concepts(see
to Objectivist Epistemology_ by Ayn Rand to see how people distort
language with "stolen concepts").
The Universe is eternal. I recommend, Eric J.
Lerner's book _The Big Bang Never Happened_, and the philosophy of
Objectivism to explain why the question "Why does anything exist?" should
never be asked because it can never be answered. (In regard to Objectivism
I am concerned here only with the axioms--I don't "believe" every word
that Ayn Rand has written during the totality of her career.)
Good luck!(I know my posts sometimes sound bitter[anger is a wonderful
energy when used properly] but I am being sincere.)