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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 14:04:38 EST

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<<Estacado asserts:

"Because until the concept of "God" is eradicated from this planet
entropy will continue to be a problem. To make it simple: belief in
"God"=pain,suffering, and death. That's why *I* get emotional about the

I don't understand why "God" equals pain, suffering and death. Please

Unfortunately my time is extremely valuable to me so I don't intend
to enter into a long, drawn-out debate with you on this subject. I will
only point you to for some insight into
potential new ways of thinking about this issue.
Feel free to verbally abuse me in regard to any "lack of intellectual
integrity" or anything else you care to dream up as an excuse to debate
your "intellectually rigorous agnostic position". As far as I can tell
I am immune to such pressure.