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Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> At 11:42am -0500 1/11/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >How do we start spreading memes? The easiest way is thus: wear t-shirts &
> >baseball caps, and put bumperstickers on your car, as well as posters on your
> >walls at home and in your office/cubicle at work that all have pictures and
> >simple phrases that are catchy.
> Will T-shirts and baseball caps really change society? I'm not sure these
> are as useful as you think.

Really? Think about all of the really resonant messages out there, like "Visualize
World Peace" (and was satirized by "Visualize Whirled Peas"). Bumper stickers are
actually very good meme spreaders, since people's memory is reinforced when the
person has a high adrenaline level, and when the average person is driving, they
have elevated adrenaline levels, especially in traffic jams, you have a high
adrenaline, capitve audience with nothing to do but look at the message on the
bumper of your car.

Or when you are at the beach, and some sexy girl/woman has a t-shirt on with a
message, you are gonna be reading that message, even subliminally, while in a
turned on state of mind. Its all a matter of advertizing psychology.

> >I am always wearing my PETA baseball hat, (PETA
> >in my case stands for :"People Eating Tasty Animals") and I get lots of
> >feedback from people.
> I don't understand this message. It sounds like a humorous T-shirt, but
> what is the message?

The message is that by satirizing the PETA name (WHich stands for, if you are
living in a hole, "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals") in such a contrary
manner, I am a) showing total contempt for the real PETA group's message, and b) in
entertaining people with this satire, I am planting a counter-PETA meme that
celebrates the carnivorous lifestyle, and humanity's position as the top predator
on this planet.

Think about beer commercials, for example. Just because they put these things on TV
that place lots of sexy women in close and enjoyable proximity to Brand X, you get
millions of guys out there going to bars to drink really bad beer, and thinking
that they are a) enjoying themselves, and b) going to get laid.

Most of us think we are above such crap, but we are fooling ourselves. Unless we
are living the lifestyle of Ted Kazynski, we are all the prey of advertizing every
day. We all buy brand names at least a few times more often than we would have
without that subliminal implanting. We need to recognize this, and use it to our

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