Re: assisted twinning

Harvey Newstrom (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:28:13 -0500

At 11:42am -0500 1/11/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>How do we start spreading memes? The easiest way is thus: wear t-shirts &
>baseball caps, and put bumperstickers on your car, as well as posters on your
>walls at home and in your office/cubicle at work that all have pictures and
>simple phrases that are catchy.

Will T-shirts and baseball caps really change society? I'm not sure these
are as useful as you think.

>I am always wearing my PETA baseball hat, (PETA
>in my case stands for :"People Eating Tasty Animals") and I get lots of
>feedback from people.

I don't understand this message. It sounds like a humorous T-shirt, but
what is the message?

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