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Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 10:58:49 -0500

David A Musick wrote:

> Estacado asserts:
> "Because until the concept of "God" is eradicated from this planet
> entropy will continue to be a problem. To make it simple: belief in
> "God"=pain,suffering, and death. That's why *I* get emotional about the
> subject."

> I don't understand why "God" equals pain, suffering and death. Please
> explain.

Nor do I. The concept of God a) in the christian meme primarily represents
eternal, unconditional love, except in those sub-sects that focus on the fire
and brimstone, which just shows that they don't get it, and b) can mean
whatever the individual wants it to mean, whether its a head of lettuce, the
laws of nature, or a being so grand that it cannot even exist in or influence
this universe, and c) in the eastern meme represents acceptance of being.
There are memes out there that play on the primary God meme, but are only
into dominance games. I would suggest that Mr. Estacado has some issues with
a control freak meme,

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