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byteboy (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 18:42:58 -0500

That's amazing - I haven't been keeping up with Wired or any other
magazines recently due to extended work on my book and thesis - but as a
child, is there anything that I can do to help the Extropian cause in
dealing with this Junior Summit or Nation.1?

Nation.1 definitely sounds like something I'll have to look into.


Yak Wax wrote:

> I read just this in a Nicholas Negroponte's recent Wired article about
> the upcoming Junior Summit:
> <quote>
> One topic on the table will be a proposal by five alumni of the first
> Junior Summit to start Nation.1 - a virtual nation for children, with
> its own voice, flag, and currency, but without borders or centralized
> government. This nation would apply for membership to the UN and make
> every effort to include children from developing nations. Here is an
> excerpt from Nation.1's first proclamation:
> As a kid growing up with computers, you have ideas, you see
> possibilities, but they don't count, you're just a kid. Adults need
> kids, they just don't realize it. They can't relate to what kids have
> to offer, because they don't understand technology the way kids do.
> Kids have valuable perspectives, but the world offers no mechanism to
> voice their opinions. They have no representation in world politics
> and they have no influence in the decisions that govern their future.
> So with the help of the second Junior Summit, a group of young, very
> wired individuals is going to bend, twist, and distort some barriers
> with the hope those barriers will come undone. We are going to create
> a country in cyberspace, not defined by geography or race, but by
> technology and age: Nation.1 - a country populated and run by kids.
> Nation.1 is just beginning, and we are considering how to create
> digital political systems, how to deal with language barriers, how the
> technology behind the country will work. We passionately believe it's
> worth it, because uniting kids changes their perspective, widens their
> understanding, and leads to a better world.
> Proposals like Nation.1 may seem outrageous, even unthinkable,
> compared with what we adults would have suggested. That's the way it
> should be: ultimately, the world must go past what adults believe will
> succeed. The global information society is ours only to dream - it
> will be up to these children to live it out.
> </quote>
> What I want to know is - why only kids? I want to have my very own
> virtual nation. NOW! :-(
> So here's an idea - make an extropic virtual nation and get ourselves
> represented in the UN, how about TransNation? or something similar.
> Anyone have any idea if this is possible?
> --Wax
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