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Sat, 10 Jan 1998 16:52:15 -0500

FOrrest Bishop,

I just read your paper on open Air Habitats, in which you cited my posts
to this list in 97 in the following paragraph:

> A magnetic field can be added to this world without much further effort by
> wrapping superconducting wire or film around the circumference to form a
> current loop [10, Lorrey, M., (1997), transhuman/extropian mailing lists (March)]. > The resulting magnetic dipole field would deflect the solar
> wind much like Earth’s magnetic field protects us from these charged
> particles. On Earth, some of these particles are entrained in the magnetic
> field, bouncing back and forth between the North and South Poles, creating the
> Auroral Lights. The cylinder has no atmosphere at its "poles", so the
> particles can either be allowed to circulate through the center of the
> cylinder (forming a sort of ionosphere), or collected and stopped by charged
> plates at either end of the spin axis.

Another effect of this ion flow will be that since each pole will
attract oppositely charged particles, in the center where the flows
interact, you will get a large amount of dischaging which could
interfere with communications across the hub. I'd suggest the addition
of a membrane or grid of some sort that would generate power from this
potential difference. Having two grids, one across the north edge of the
hoop, and another across the south edge of the hoop, with a circuit in
between would pull a large amount of energy from the solar ion stream,
and sheild communications within the hub from interference.

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