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Hello all,

> Hal Finney wrote:
> > If Alcor restored you as a book, it would not be fundamentally
> > from restoring you as an upload who was not currently being run, or
> > as a person who was still in suspension. The flaw is not in the fact
> > that you are a book vs software vs meat, but that there may not be any
> > provision to actually run the program and allow you to experience life.
Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Agreed. This is a better explanation of what I feel. The book might be
> me, but I could not experience life in my new incarnation, or grow and
> change. The definition of "me" has to be more than my current state, it
> must include continuing experience and future potential.
> --

I have a dejavu feeling with this one. I wanted to say something
like this a few months ago. IMHO it all has to do with freezing time.

Since you "are" a dynamic information entity in a atomic critical
mass, you can only copy it "perfect" when it stands still.
If this is recorded in a book or in a actual freezer doesn't mater.
The fact that the process is on hold is (i think) very important.
If you start it up again, you or your copy becomes dynamic again.
I think this happens in a split second. Therefor If you die and are
put in a database it will record a frozen part of memory-time.

Asume they make copys of this, put them in a new body and
start them up. For less then a second they will all " feel"
exactly like the orginal, but after that they realize they are
their own copy and therefor a new original. None of them
will be the old you anymore. They are one happy family with
exactly the same background (wich is in a sense what you are)
I think in the begining they all feel that they are the original, but
due to the time factor and the chaotic-thinking-part, they will
all end up as identical twins.They are childs with fixed and ready
to go minds.

I think therefor that merging them again after some time is
very hard (if not impossible), since you are talking about
differn't persons.

IMHO, the copy-paradox has to do with time.


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