M. E. Smith (mesmith@rocketmail.com)
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 09:45:21 -0800 (PST)

Respecting the statement on the Extropy Web site's
FAQ that religion is "a touchy subject", I have
resisted until now expressing this, but I would like
to briefly support what David Musick said about some
people's knee-jerk reaction to the God meme in all
its forms.

It really annoys me when people automatically react
with vitriol when the concept of God comes up, even
when it comes up with a heavy dose of irreverance and
scepticism. How utterly boring their reaction is!
They keep re-hashing issues and fighting old battles
from centuries ago. The fact that the existence of
"God" is unproven, probably unprovable, and may be
rationally doubted has long been a consensus of
Western philosophy. That's old news.

Face it, since the God meme is as flexible as it is,
meaning to some "the indescribable absolute
underlying all reality", it will always have a place
in the meme pool. Why then do some people still react
so emotionally when the mere subject comes up? What
about it bothers you so much? Like it or not,
religious thought will survive into posthumanity. Get
over it.

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M. E. Smith
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