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How predictable the press. On November 19, 1997 I reported that
the FBI allowed reporters to view the reconstruction of TWA 800,
from which the nose section has been removed and remains hidden.
However, as freelance reporter Robert Davey -- one of the many
reporters to be allowed access -- told me, the FBI prohibited
access to the left side of the reconstruction. I predicted that
this blatant effort to suppress information even after the FBI
ended its criminal investigation would not be reported by the
press, even as dozens of reporters witnessed this act of evi-
dence suppression before their eyes. As I said on Nov. 19:

> The FBI allowed reporters into the hangar today to view the
> reconstruction. They would not allow a viewing of the left side.
> I guess that side is still a part of the criminal investigation.
> Mark my word, no publication or media report will note that access
> to the left side was denied, even as every reporter there, by wit-
> nessing that denial, must be the wiser, or brain dead, and I don't
> think any are brain dead. [1]

Just too predictable, mark my word indeed: the only media account
I've found of the "access" fails to mention that only half of the
nose-section-removed and wingless reconstruction was allowed to be
viewed -- which means about 2/3rds of the aircraft are NOT allowed
to be viewed. This is that account from the L.A. Times (11/20/97):


One day after the FBI pulled out of the
probe into the cause of the July 1996
explosion of TWA Flight 800, investigators
allowed reporters to view the reassembled
wreckage for the first time. The wreckage,
most of it resurrected from the ocean floor
by divers, rises from the floor of a hanger
in Calverton, N.Y., its more than 1 million
parts crudely attached to metal scaffolding.
"You can't look at the plane without seeing
the souls of those who were lost," said James
K. Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's investiga-
tion into the explosion, "and at the same
time think of the strength and courage of
the families of these victims." The National
Transportation Safety Board has hearings
scheduled next month in its efforts to find
a cause. The hearings may continue well
into next year. [ END OF REPORT ]

The Times was sure to quote Kallstrom saying "You can't look
at the plane without seeing the souls of those who were lost,"
yet conveniently declined to inform us that the FBI also said
mention you can't look at the entire nose section or wings.
I guess these parts of the plane, which were recovered, are
just not important, even as reports said the nose section,
far removed from the fuel tanks and the first major part
of the plane to fall away, took one hell of a hit.

Not only is it outrageous that the media, as I predicted,
fails to report that access to the left side was prohibited,
but to also lead us to believe that the FBI has allowed free
inspection of the physical evidence when in fact the nose sec-
tion is removed and hidden is as outrageous as the press report-
ing (assuming this happened) that the FBI allowed the press to
inspect President Kennedy's corpse and yet the press fails to
mention his head was missing. The FBI's investigation of TWA
800 and the major media's coverage is a hoax by definition.

The major media in the U.S. is uniformly nothing more than a
propaganda arm of the Federal Government and no amount of murder
or mayhem on the part of the Federal Government will break the
media's commitment to serve the Federal Government in an effort
to prevent knowledge of truth. The major media and the Federal
Government are allied against the interests of the American
people and seem committed instead to a course of progressive
Federal Government expansion and the integration of the
U.S. Government into a New World Government.

[1] Prediction of failure to report restricted access:

Here we can see a photo of the right side of the reconstruction
at an angle allowing us to see that the nose section is missing: See the second image. Notice that
CNN calls the reconstructed aircraft without a nose section a
"complete" reconstruction. That's like calling a house without
a roof a "complete" house. How stupid do they think we are?

There have been a few photos in the press of the left side of
the aircraft that the FBI prohibited access to in the case
cited above. The best image of the left side is at my web
page here: From
this angle you can see the nose section missing. Why
the FBI now disallowed the viewing we have here is
not clear, except that they may not have wanted
people to inspect the hole I noticed. If there
was nothing to hide, they would not hide it,
and yet they are now hiding it along with
the wings and the entire nose section.

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